About Us

Financial Independent Solutions Ltd is a small firm of Independent Financial Advisers. Formed in September 2001 by Mark McLair, our company approach is to offer financial advice to the individual and small business. A member of both the Personal Finance Society and the Chartered Insurance Institute, Mark has over 23 years’ experience in financial services.

We pride ourselves in offering a very personal service, whatever your financial needs, in the convenience and comfort of your own home or place of work, without obligation. With an existing client base in excess of 350 clients, we believe in forming lifelong partnerships to ensure an ongoing service to coincide with your ever changing financial goals.

Most clients come to us through word of mouth – by recommendation from an existing client.

Our good name and professional reputation are very important to us and we work very hard to maintain respect.

Why use an Independent Financial Adviser?

An Independent Financial Adviser will have no ties, loyalty or obligation to anyone except you.

An Independent Financial Adviser must be totally impartial and work exclusively in their client’s interests and due to recent changes in legislation, must work on a fee basis for investment and pension business.

To be acknowledged by the regulatory body, all IFA’s must be professionally and comprehensively qualified. They are also subject to inspection by The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) who make regular inspections and monitoring visits.

So, why not benefit from the expert knowledge of a fully qualified IFA and make the most of your money. You know it makes sense.

Why Us?

Your financial security is very important and something Financial Independent Solutions Ltd takes very seriously. We will only ever recommend something if we’re sure it’s the correct solution, after all, we want our clients to be happy. If customers are satisfied with the service, they may tell their friends or family and so, in the long term, everybody benefits. We can advise and recommend products to you no matter your attitude to investment risk and whether you are looking for capital growth, income or a combination of both.

We believe that the fees we charge our clients are very competitive when you compare the market and also consider the services we are able to provide.

Financial Independent Solutions Ltd has a contract with a company, True Potential, which will give our clients the option of their own secure client website and this service is provided at no cost to all our clients. Through the client website you can access all of your policies, real time valuations, fund breakdown, asset allocation, past performance details and you can access all policy documents and paperwork, which gives you full transparency and an audit trial of your financial arrangements. True Potential have also introduced a new function called ‘Impulse Save’, which allows clients to make ad hoc contributions into their existing investments arranged with True Potential, at no initial charge.

Please contact us today to make an appointment. We’ll go out of our way to help you.

Tel: 01698 854422      Email : mmclair@financialindependentsolutions.co.ukspacer